Top Plastic Surgery Trends in Hollywood

Hollywood’s Latest Plastic Surgery Trends

We all know that many celebrities suffer from anxiety as they age and therefore turn to plastic surgery to stave off Father Time. However, long gone are the days when a middle aged female star simply popped into her doctor’s office for a tummy tuck and some collagen lips. Nowadays, there is a dizzying array of medical procedures you can undergo to try and stay young, and we’ve taken a look at a few of the latest plastic surgery trends in Hollywood.

  1. Dimpleplasty.

This strange sounding procedure starts with a small incision made in the patient’s cheek and then stiching (yikes!) a dimple into place. After a brief recovery period, any celebrity who wants to try this latest plastic surgery trend and can return to work on their latest movie or TV project, with no one hopefully noticing that now they have dimples.

  1. “Round Head” Surgery

Perhaps the most bizarre of the newest cosmetic procedures, Round Head Surgery originated in South Korea, which is the de facto worldwide capital of plastic surgery. This technique has made it to Hollywood, where the doctors to the stars use bone cement and a binding process to give you a perfectly rounded head. We’re not sure we’re on board with what sounds like foot binding for your head, but it’s no doubt taking off in Los Angeles.

  1. Inner Thigh Lipo

A more common procedure, inner thigh lipo is pretty straight forward. This is targeted liposuction on the inner thigh in order to get the oh so coveted gap between your thighs that women have come to expect from Victoria Secret models and their counterparts. Of course, many health advocates and woman’s group aren’t fond of this procedure as they claim that it encourages girl and woman to strive to be too thin (a la 1990’s Kate Moss) but most celebrity doctors don’t see real health risks and of course Hollywood, unlike any where else is all about image, so any celebrity or wanna be will try anything to get an image advantage.

  1. Artificial Iris Implants

A lot of stars want a new eye color and this cutting edge trend can make that happen. This procedure only takes about 15 minutes, but it is considered to be somewhat risky. It has not been approved by the FDA and one woman has reportedly lost her vision after having the surgery. However, such a quick procedure (it takes about 15 minutes) will have celebs lining up for this new technique.

Also, it’s becoming more common for regular folk to have procedures done to look like their favorite celebrities, like the guy who paid $100,000.00 to look like Justin Bieber. And of course there’s the “celebrity” Nicholas Ryan who reportedly paid $5,000 for botox and other things to look more like actual celebrity, Ryan Gosling!

However, this trend seems a bit limited at the moment and according to most reports, most people don’t undergo drastic transformations in order to become Ashton Kutcher clones. Rather, they tend to do one or two small plastic surgery procedures in order to boost their confidence.