Most Successful Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Life in the forefront of the always blitzing paparazzi cameras has not been easy and will never be. There is no doubt that life in the limelight that comes with being in the showbiz will never be that easy. It is no surprise that the showbiz personalities in the name of celebrities are more ridiculed and critiqued for some of their body parts. For instance, you will always hear the media and fans alike commenting on a celebrity’s floppy ears, long nose, Pimple-like boobs and such downgrading things. These ridicules at times push these celebrities to carry out plastic surgeries on certain parts of their bodies. Even though tabloids and the internet are full of horror stories and pictures of plastic surgeries terribly gone wrong, some of these surgeries are ultimately successful. Without advocating for plastic surgeries, here are some of the most successful celebrity plastic surgeries, of all time.

Jennifer Aniston

Being one of the most celebrated personalities in showbiz, Jennifer Aniston had been a target of tabloid and fans ridicules for her nose, which was famously referred to as a Greek nose. Coming from reliable sources, it is said that she has not gone just a plastic surgery, but has had two successful nose jobs that have been ultimately performed by an efficient plastic surgeon. Even though, Jennifer Aniston denies these nose job rumors, before and after pictures is a clear indication that her nose now looks straighter and slimmer showing that it was one of the most successful celebrity plastic surgeries.

Nicole Richie

Even though she is more of a celebrity socialite with a famous father, Nicole Richie is one celebrity that has had a successful plastic surgery. She has joined the growing list of celebrities with successful breast augmentation, popularly known as boob job. Considering that she had once complained about her big breasts while nursing her daughter, these breast complaints have changed with words going around that she definitely had a successful boob job, which perfectly enhanced her breasts to befittingly proportionate her diminutive body frame.

Ben Stiller

Many may think that plastic surgery is a thing for female celebrities alone, but Ben Stiller ultimately changes this norm. This is a celebrity who receives love and hate in equal measures from fans for his controversial comical episodes. One thing that has lately caused stirs is his mysteriously toned down ears that are completely different from the original big ears. Rumor has it that he might have undergone a surgery on his ears, as well as a rhinoplasty on his large nose. Even though there may be divided opinions on Ben Stiller’s plastic surgeries, it cannot be denied that he looks much better than he did a decade ago if the before and after photos is anything to by.

Megan Fox

Creating a list of most successful celebrity plastic surgery would not be complete without the inclusion of Megan Fox. Rumor has it that this beautiful celebrity is no stranger to plastic surgery. As the norm with most celebrities, Megan Fox always denies that she has gone under the knife, but then rumor is rife with speculations of breast augmentation, botox and cheek fillers. Depending on which side of the story you believe, there is no doubt that Megan Fox’ plastic surgeries are among the most successful ones in celebrity circles.