A List of Young Hollywood Plastic Surgery

Young Hollywood Plastic Surgery  List

Hollywood has always been about looking your best at all times. Celebrities and upcoming people in the Hollywood scene strive to look stunning and beautiful in font of cameras. This attracts more fame and recognition thus a plus in acquiring various roles especially in film industry. Plastic surgery has always been the solution for all these celebrities so as to enhance their appearance. It is not a wonder or something new for celebrities to be rumored to going under the knife. A lot of them have done it, basically few admit it publicly. This article focuses on the young Hollywood plastic surgery.

Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery

The young actress had a rhinoplasty done as early as 2007. In this year she was only 22 years of age. Ashley however commented that the nose job was not for any cosmetic purposes.

Kourtney Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Kourtney had breast implants at 22 years of age. She said that by then, no one could convince her otherwise. Kourtney added that it was a dumb idea. She previously had a B cup size. After the breast implants, she got a C cup size.

Kimberly Stewart Plastic Surgery

Kimberly Stewart is another celebrity that had a breast augmentation at 18 years of age. The controversial point in this is that by 2005 she was already bored with it and had it removed. Her father was actually one of the people who strongly supported her through acquiring the implants in the first place.

Jenifer Aniston Rhinoplasty

Jennifer Aniston is another example of young Hollywood plastic surgery. She had a nose job done on her while she was still in high school. Her case is however understandable. This is because she had it done after being hit on her face by a baseball.

Ashlee Simpson Rhinoplasty

Ashlee had a nose surgery performed on her when she was only 22. The main aim of her plastic surgery was to remove a bump that was on her nose. Ashlee denied having the nose job for many years. She however accepted it later on.

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

This is one of the exemplary celebrities when it comes to plastic surgeries. Hers is known as a total make over. At the age of 23, Heidi had 10 plastic surgeries performed on her. Naming them include a liposuction, brow lift, nose job and breast implants. The liposuction was done on her thighs and her stomach. Heidi personally received a lot of criticism from the public and her fans. This is because she completely went overboard on her plastic surgeries at a very tender age.

Other Young Hollywood plastic surgery include the likes of Taylor Momsen, Megan Fox, Tara Reid, Amanda Bynes, Dianna Agron, Denise Richards, Jenny McCarthy and The Olsen twins among others.


It’s a pity that our celebrities are full of plastic surgeries. They are one of the people who influence the public across the world to perform plastic surgeries. Some of the plastic surgeries go bad and others well depending on the surgeon operating on them. A famous plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills said that a lot of young actors in their 20s have had Botox injections. It is evident that there are a lot of young Hollywood plastic surgery cases from the information printed.

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