All You Need To Know About Plastic Surgery

What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Surgery

The 21st century world has sadly developed to be a very superficial one , with people judging one another basing on looks . However , everybody always wants to look good , whether attending a social function , or just hanging around with peers . Sometimes people consider their natural look not satisfactory to the world’s demands , hence the need for a modified look . Plastic surgery has provided a platform for this and it is important to understand all that it entails .

What Is Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been modernly defined as the restoration of form and function of a body organ . This procedure may be carried out aesthetically , for beautification processes , or medically to heal incurred wounds .

The origin of plastic surgery can be traced back to ancient Egypt and India , where it later spread to Romanians and the British . Modern plastic surgery can however be attributed to Sir Harold Gillies , who developed new techniques on facial surgery during the first world war .

Plastic surgery commonly entails skin grafting from donors to recipients . The procedure is very delicate , emphasizing careful incision and lining of the skin by medical practitioners . Medical plastic surgery may be divided into : Craniofacial surgery , Burn surgery , Hand surgery , Microsurgery and Pediatric Plastic surgery .

Aestetic Plastic Surgery : The Famous Practice

Aesthetic(cosmetic) plastic surgery is the more recognized form of the procedure , bearing the same number of lovers as it has critics . What most people , however , don’t know is the fact that it has very many forms . Let’s take a look at some of them .

1. Body Plastic surgery

This includes all processes carried out on other body parts .

Liposuction , for instance , aims at removing the excess fatty tissue in the body . This process is mostly used by the ladies , with a goal of achieving remarkable weight loss . Celebrities like Mariah Carey and Jessica Alba fall under this category , with both notably having the procedure after child birth . It seems that the notion of babies only being bundles of joy isn’t that accurate .

However , a liposuction might leave some tiny bumps around the stomach and abdomen area . Hence the evolution of another procedure known as the Tummy tuck . This procedure is more of a streamlining measure that is designed to create the perfectly flat stomach . I guess we now know why Demi Moore’s beach body is so stunning .

2. Facial Cosmetic surgery

It is fact that you never get a second chance to make a first impression , and what’s better at attracting attention than a gorgeous face . Many have gone to the moon and back trying to pull that stunning and failed , but plastic surgery may just be the solution .

In this category , lip enhancement falls as the most famous . The procedure aims at making the lips appear fuller and more succulent , perhaps the recipe for a wonderful French kiss maybe . Angelina Jolie’s lips seem to tell a story in most of her movies , but one thing stands , they are very kissable .

Rhinoplasty , also known as a nose job , bears the same amount of attention . The procedure is basically a reshaping of the nose and nostril size . Eccentric T.V personality Joan Rivers has boated of undergoing more than 700 procedures , but most notably is her nose lift easily identifiable from her “before” and “after” pictures . Owen Wilson has also had one or two jobs done on his nose , evident from the dent claimed to be caused by one too many bar brawls . Be careful Owen , noses don’t come in pairs .

Other procedures on the face may include brow lifts and Botox injections which aim making the face and cheeks as puffy as woolen cushion .

3. Boob Job and Buttock Augmentation

It is rather obvious that men pay pretty much attention to a woman’s breasts and posterior . That being the case , women have gone to great strides to attain curvaceous hips and a bigger bust size .

Breast augmentation works on the basis of fat grafting or adding silicone gel prosthetics . Since the skin easily stretches , the breasts get to acquire a larger size than before . Pamela Anderson did not let her fans down when she upgraded to a 34DD bra size . The former playboy girl brags of one of the most enticing pair of boob’s world wide .